STEP 1: Solar panels collect renewable energy from the sun

Arrays of solar cells called photovoltaics convert sunlight into direct current electricity throughout the day.

STEP 2: The inverter converts DC current to AC current

An inverter converts the direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, for your

home energy usage.

STEP 3: Power is sent through the electrical panel

The inverter sends this newly converted AC electricity to your electrical panel, which houses your circuit breakers.

STEP 4: Utility meter measures your production and usage

A device called a utility meter measures your electricity consumption. If your system generates more power than you currently need the meter will actually move backwards.

STEP 5: Excess power produced is sent to the grid

At times when your home is not producing electricity via solar panel, like at night, you will draw power from the city grid.  Your expense will be offset by the amount of excess energy you produce during daytime hours.

STEP 6: Save money year round on regular energy bills!

The end result of this entire process is, of course, to save you money! You will smile at your reduced electricity bill and also take pride in knowing that you are helping to save the Earth.


It all starts with the sun, a giant power source in space that makes life on our planet possible. The amount of energy the sun produces is easily enough to supply the world’s power needs many times over. Unlike traditional methods of producing usable energy, solar energy doesn’t produce harmful carbon dioxide emissions – great news for Earth’s future.

Normally, when the sun’s light shines upon an object the transferred energy is turned into heat. However, certain materials are able to turn this energy into usable electrical current. On an atomic level, when light strikes silicon crystal some of the electrons get bounced up to a higher energy level, where they move around more freely and can produce an electrical current. This chemical reaction is the magic that makes solar power possible.

Appointment Process:


Our experienced technicians will evaluate your home for potential solar savings and generate a proposal.


Review our proposal and sign your solar service agreement. Lock in a low, fixed-rate for clean power.


Our technicians will design and install your new solar system, custom fit your home.


We will conduct a final inspection of your home’s new solar system to ensure it meets our solar standards and is producing energy efficiently. You system is net metered, allowing excess power products to flow back into the grid.


Keep more money in your pocket and spend it how you like. Rest assured our staff is monitoring your systems energy production around the clock 24/7. If you need system maintenance or repairs our technicians will take care of everything!

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