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What Are You Saving For?

How Much Can You Save?

If you are currently asking yourself "is going solar worth it?", then you have come to the right place. Here at NEXTEK, we strive to make going solar easy and affordable.

Best of all, if you qualify today, your home solar installation is absolutely FREE! NEXTEK offers both finance and leasing options. The costly expense of adding solar to your home is a thing of the past. Our attractive finance offers allow homeowners to get solar installed for free with no money out of pocket, you can start enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable cost effective solar energy now.

  • Going Solar Has Never Been Easier
  • Finance and Leasing Options
  • No large upfront cost required! Little to $0 down
  • 100% Equipment Performance Guarantee




Our data shows the price of solar energy was typically lower than the cost of electricity our customers bought from their utilities (based on average solar system from 2010-2015). The sooner you lock into a predictable price for solar energy, the sooner you may see avoided costs from the trend of rising electricity rates.*
That said, your savings from going solar can vary from those estimated in your customized quote based on factors we can’t control. These factors include future utility rates (which are up to your utility) and your home’s future electricity usage (which is up to you). Ready to learn more?
And remember, while we want to be up-front about the factors that go into savings, we always provide customers with a predictable price for solar energy throughout the course of their solar contract.

So all of our customers experience more control over their energy costs.

How much can you save by going solar, you ask? Most solar home energy system owners can save up to 30% off on their monthly electric bill, and immediately begin taking back control over their home energy needs. Ensure the safety of your home and family's utility needs, lock in low electricity rates for the next 20 years today! No wonder every six minutes, someone installs a home solar energy system.

  • Save Up to 30% Off on Your Next Monthly Utility Bill
  • Lock In Low Energy Rates for Up to 20 Years
  • Every Six Minutes A Solar Energy System is Installed

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